Don’t Spill – Use A Wide Bottom Insulated Mug In The Office

It’s been a long time since I spilled coffee in the office but the moment is extremely memorable. I used to work an office job and before we digitized all our files I routinely had stacks and stacks of paper files and folders on my desk all day long, every day of the week. I also had my coffee mug full to the brim most mornings just waiting to make a huge mess.

For me the damage of spilling coffee at my desk was not too bad, it was mostly just annoying. I can imagine however other working situations where spilling coffee on office paperwork would be pretty rough. Any paperwork that had to go back to the customer or get sent anywhere but a filing cabinet would be a bit embarrassing.

For the longest time in the office I would use an over-sized coffee mug. It was just a standard ceramic mug but it had that wide top and narrow bottom making it a bit top-heavy. I have no idea why this is so popular but you can find these types of mugs everywhere; seriously everywhere.

Over my handful of years working that job I routinely had close calls with spilling the coffee and I did actually spill it a few times.

On occasion I’d experiment with bringing big sealable travel mugs into the office. They made it easy to bring good coffee in from the home but because I always wanted my coffee mug open they would spill just as easily if tipped over. They might not spill out completely but splashes were actually more frequent with these types of mugs because they were so tall and awkward on a busy desk.

One birthday a couple years back though my wife ended up buying me an insulated coffee mug for me to drink my coffee from in the office. She told me that I wouldn’t have to bring the thing back and forth from the home to the office because it was not really designed for cup holders. It had a wide bottom and wasn’t all that tall unlike most travel mugs you can buy.

At the time I loved my gift of a Wii better but this “filler” gift was appreciated too. Little did I realize though that I would grow to love this little mug because I seriously never come close to spilling this thing at my desk. It’s short enough that it doesn’t come close to tipping when you bump it and the top stops splashes unlike my big coffee cup.

She had been searching for some sort of small office gift for me for a while and found a list of wide bottom coffee mugs and other larger travel mugs on She thought they were pretty cool and thought I’d appreciate one of them and sure enough that gift was a winner.

So why do I bring this up right now? It’s because I finally lost my mug in the office kitchen and have been missing it for some time now. I’m basically in mourning and realizing that I’m going to have to go buy another coffee mug with a wide base. Of course this means I get to check them all out and see if any other mugs look like they’ll be better for me so at least I get to experience the fun in the hunt.

Anyway, if you’ve never tried out a bottom heavy insulated desk mug then you have to. They seem to be a bit cheaper than the fancy travel mugs but they’re so much better for desk workers.

If you’ve ever used one of these things them please let me know which one you used and what you thought about it in the comments below and thanks so much for being a faithful reader of Happy Lips Coffee Bean Company!

Without you all Happy Lips wouldn’t be going anywhere!